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Arm Neoverse roadmap targets enterprise infrastructure, cloud

Arm's roadmap for Neoverse V2 core is designed to handle 5G, HPC and edge workloads. Nvidia will incorporate the offering in its Grace data center chip in 2023.


IBM targets energy-saving mainframes at Linux users

IBMs new generation of Linux-based mainframes can significantly reduce energy use for companies willing to replace x86 servers with proprietary systems.


IBM iSeries subscription plan aims to simplify IT budgets

Following the lead of competitors including Dell and HPE, IBM has debuted an all-in-one subscription plan for iSeries that bundles hardware, software and technical services.

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How to implement file classification in file servers

File classification with File Server Resource Manager enables admins to classify and organize data. This tutorial shows how to implement and manage file classifications.

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Data Center Basics

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    Bourne shell

    The Bourne shell is the original Unix shell -- command execution program, often called a command interpreter -- that was developed in 1979 at what at the time was Bell Labs.

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    data integrity

    Data integrity is the assurance that digital information is uncorrupted and can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so.

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    raised floor

    A raised floor is a data center construction model in which a slightly higher floor is constructed above the building's original concrete slab floor, leaving the open space created between the two for wiring or cooling infrastructure.

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