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Harness CTO: Where shift left goes wrong

In this Q&A, Harness' field CTO Nick Durkin shares his thoughts on the impossible burden that shift left places on developers and what can be done to lessen the load.


The major differences between QA and SDETs

How do SDET and QA roles differ? The similar positions both focus on code testing, but it's their unique focuses that makes them a valuable part of an Agile team.


Experts: 3 trends in software development worth following

Trends come and go, but AIOps and MLOps, spatial computing, and a low-code and high-code toolkit are the future of software development, industry experts say.


AutoRabit tool seeks to simplify Salesforce security for DevOps

OrgScan extends CodeScan's security scanning ability in Salesforce. CodeScan Shield aims to simplify security for devs as the trend to shift left continues, industry analysts say.

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    How you can incorporate lean coffee for Agile, QA meetings

    Don't let formal meeting agendas turn away attendees. The lean coffee format encourages participation and idea sharing on topics to drive conversation in numerous settings.

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    Why security chaos engineering works, and how to do it right

    While 'chaos' doesn't sound like something software security managers would want, chaos engineering has an enticing amount of value when it comes to identifying potential threats.

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    green software

    Green software, also known as sustainable software, is software that is designed, developed and implemented to limit energy consumption and have minimal environmental impact.

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