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Domino Data Lab partnerships target AI project management

The vendor has integrated its Nexus MLOps platform with Nvidia GPU architecture and the NetApp data management and storage system to help organizations better deploy ML projects.


Assessing different types of generative AI applications

Learn how industries use generative AI models, which function on their own to create new content and alongside discriminative models to identify, for example, 'real' vs. 'fake.'


Nvidia unveils Omniverse Cloud for metaverse applications

The new service lets enterprises build metaverse applications. The vendor also introduced new large language model services and unveiled upgrades to its H100 hardware line.


Enterprise applications of the metaverse slow but coming

From holographic avatars to training surgeons, metaverse applications for enterprises are many. But the technology for organizations is still in its infancy.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    Industries leading the way in conversational AI

    Learn how companies in vertical markets are using conversational AI and even partnering with AI developers for software that's tailored to their unique business needs.

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    backpropagation algorithm

    Backpropagation, or backward propagation of errors, is an algorithm that is designed to test for errors working back from output nodes to input nodes.

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    The white-box model approach aims for interpretable AI

    The white-box model approach to machine learning makes AI interpretable since algorithms are easy to understand. Ajay Thampi, author of 'Interpretable AI,' explains this approach.

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