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How Lufthansa is flying its data warehouse to the cloud

Moving from an on-premises data system to the cloud can be a complex operation. Lufthansa is looking to remove some of the complexity with virtualization.


CockroachDB serverless database debuts with migration tools

After a year in preview, the database vendor is making its serverless offering generally available. It provides a new production-ready database for distributed SQL.


Imply advances Apache Druid real-time analytics database

The database vendor is continuing its effort to evolve the Apache Druid database, developing new capabilities to help users more easily load and transform data.


7 top data quality management tools

Data quality management tools help organizations automate and fill gaps in data processes from lacking quality to dated analytics. Here are seven of the top tools in the market.

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    How to build an effective DataOps team

    More organizations are turning to DataOps to bolster their data management operations. Learn how to build a team with the right people to ensure DataOps success.

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    data warehouse as a service (DWaaS)

    Data warehouse as a service (DWaaS) is an outsourcing model in which a cloud service provider configures and manages the hardware and software resources a data warehouse requires, and the customer provides the data and pays for the managed service.

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    database as a service (DBaaS)

    Database as a service (DBaaS) is a cloud computing managed service offering that provides access to a database without requiring the setup of physical hardware, the installation of software or the need to configure the database.

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