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Database with contacts

Find more active demand in your market

With today’s B2B buyers researching their needs in-depth before reaching out to sales, marketers need to develop lead generation strategies that find, engage and build trust earlier in the buyer’s journey.

As the #1 source of online enterprise technology content, TechTarget identifies companies and high-quality prospects actively researching solutions in your market earlier than you can. Their real purchase intent identifies who’s most likely to buy, which means you can more effectively prioritize your own outreach.

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Database with contacts

AI-optimized lead generation
AI-optimized lead generation

Engage more qualified buyers with AI-optimized lead generation

Through TechTarget, you can be where your buyers are conducting their purchase research. Engage them with offers based on their specific activities and interests. Highly relevant outreach to active buyers is proven to dramatically increase response. AI-optimized lead generation delivers millions of opt-in prospects proven to yield up to 7X higher engagement rates than other providers.

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Custom content lead generation

Convert buying teams faster with custom content

To accelerate opportunity identification, you need to see real buying teams taking shape. TechTarget shows you the actual people and exactly what they care about now. Highly relevant insights into demonstrated buyer needs give you the ability to respond faster. When you do, you deliver more opportunities and progress them faster.

Our custom content services can help ensure you have the content real buyers seek.

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Custom content lead generation

Sales-Quality Leads

Sales-Quality Leads

Ensure sales engagement with triple-verified Sales-Quality Leads

Sales and marketing alignment grows when you deliver more demand that’s ready for sales outreach. Build sales confidence and success by directly providing higher levels of pre-qualification.

TechTarget Sales-Quality Leads accelerate pipeline by delivering prospects who have confirmed their purchase intentions. They’ve been engaged by your content and have opted in to be contacted by you.

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Fine-tune your entire demand gen engine

Read the E-book, “Owner’s Manual for the Modern Demand Gen Engine.”

Kenny Dellovo

The first impact we saw from our relationship with TechTarget was an influx of leads into our database – 20x lead growth month over month. We’re sparking better conversations, increasing webinar attendance and setting more meetings.”

Kenny Dellovo, Lead Development Manager

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